New pics of Kajal’s and Hemal Wedding/Reception uploaded.
Feedback always appreciated!

Hemal and Kajal’s Registry shots uploaded! Please view and leave comments.

Uploaded wedding shots from my recent trip to Kenya – Geeta and Arjun special day. Please leave comments.

Ranil and Meera’s Registry day Pics uploaded. Please leave comments. Enjoy!

I have uploaded Sanjay and Pinki’s Pre and Post wedding shots on facebook. Please have a look and leave comments.

Uploaded new pics of Amit and Haymie’s Wedding. Pls leave comments.

Came back from Kenya – wedding shoot and safari. Posting pics very soon.

Hey all. I posted Amit and Haymie’s Pre Wed Shoot pics. Have a look and please leave comments.

Planning to put some new pics very soon. I created a new facebook group page. Have a look:

Supporters of Liverpool Football Club based in London and the South-East hosted a Memorial Football Match Fundraising Day to mark the twentieth anniversary of the Hillsborough Stadium Disaster on Sunday 26 April in Islington, London.

The day had been arranged to raise money for the Hillsborough Justice Campaign (HJC), which exists to pursue Justice for the 96 people who died in the disaster, their bereaved families, survivors of the disaster and anyone still suffering from the ensuing trauma of the disaster.

The fundraising day had been organised by the Liverpool Supporters Club London Branch in conjunction with the LFC Supporters Club Bedfordshire Branch and Red Indians. It was a privilege to take pictures for a good cause. Thanks again to the players and supporters who attended this event.