Uploaded new pics of Amit and Haymie’s Registry. Please leave comments. Enjoy viewing!


Reception Pics of Amit and Haymie highlights – uploaded! Enjoy! Please leave comments:

Uploaded pics of Arjun and Geeta from recent wedding and reception shot in Kenya. Have a look and leave comments. http://bit.ly/aSwsCP

New pics of Kajal’s and Hemal Wedding/Reception uploaded. http://bit.ly/aAtX7p
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Hemal and Kajal’s Registry shots uploaded! Please view and leave comments. http://bit.ly/d8VQXo

Uploaded wedding shots from my recent trip to Kenya – Geeta and Arjun special day. Please leave comments. http://bit.ly/b7yDkZ

Ranil and Meera’s Registry day Pics uploaded. Please leave comments. Enjoy!